7 Praias Na Baleia entrega de alimentos

7 Praias Na Baleia

Rua Doutor Eduardo Burnay 26A | Praia Do Sul, Ericeira 2655-370, Portugal

🛍 Peixe, Massa, Frutos do Mar, Sopa, europeu

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Patricia Collins
Patricia Collins

What a nice and good restaurant. Location is amazing with full sea view and sunset. The food is super fresh what else do you expect. We had shrimps in garlic really good! The staff is friendly and helpful with your choice. A very nice wine to accompany the food, a vino verde from the region of course. A place to come back to!

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Kaitlyn Hayes V
Kaitlyn Hayes V

We found this restaurant by chance at the end of our holiday, the setting is beautiful overlooking the ocean. We had a look at the menu on our afternoon walk and the waiter recommended the cod fish with olive oil and garlic, when we returned that evening we were told they had no cod so decided to leave as there was nothing else we fancied on the menu we were then told they had cod so we sat down again. When the cod arrived it was covered in burnt garlic and to much olive oil for us. Maybe it was a one off but it spoiled our last evening in beautiful Ereceira.

Reed Stroman
Reed Stroman

What a marvelous location on the beach at Ericeira with some well cooked and prepared fresh fish this restaurant also has good service and, if the weather is cooler, great decor inside. They also offer sushi so you have 2 excuses to visit.

Rosendo Reinger III
Rosendo Reinger III

I really like to help local businesses, but I hate to be cheated like this. The overall quality of the food is good, and the location just on top of the beach is amazing, but if you cheat your customers then one star is all...you deserve. They technically have a menu, but they do their best to prevent you from buying anything from it. Ask for any euros dish on the menu, and they'll come up with the same answer sorry, we don't have it. Eventually they push you to buy some fish dish that isn't reported on the menu. We had a seabass that was actually good (even though not reported on the menu), and only when we were presented with the bill we discovered that that dish alone was euros. I have eaten amazing plates of oysters elsewhere for that price, getting charged euros for a common fish like a seabass is outrageous, unless you literally covered it in gold. Surprise surprise, when we took a look at the other tables we noticed that ALL of them were having seabass! Finally, we asked to pay by card. And, even though both me and my wife have several European cards (Maestro, Mastercard, Visa and Amex) NONE of them worked we tried of them. The waitress confirmed that the machine never works and asked us to pay cash instead. That was the ultimate cheating: I've read of other customers having the same "issue", and it's quite clear that they just pretend to have a card reader for regulatory purposes but they take everything they can in cash, because black money is cheap money. This could overall be an amazing restaurant in an amazing location, but if you cheat your customers like this all you deserve is one star and a kick in your a*s

Erick Lesch
Erick Lesch

Party of one. I was served a sea food dish that I didn't order but could have been the dish ordered based on how it looked but they conveniently chose not to tell me, after I started to eat it my actual dish...arrived I WAS CHARGED FOR BOTH! When it came to paying they didn't accept foreign card payments and offered to follow me to the ATM machine to take out cash in the nearby hotel NO THANK YOU. Lucky I had cash to cover the bill (including the dish i dodn't order) but when I stated I wouldn't pay for what i didn't order and tehy didn't tell me it was optional they threatened to call the Police. Avoid, Stay away. Theses people are Rip Off Merchants. There are many nicer places with professional service and better food in Ericeira

Ms. Roxanne Borer
Ms. Roxanne Borer

One of the several restaurants with fixed price, with view on the ocean. Check the extras in advance. Credit cards not working for us, as common in the area. Very good fish at a decent price

Ezekiel Witting
Ezekiel Witting

I wanted to have the traditional clams, and the location was amazing, so we decided to try. They were which seemed expensive but I hoped it would be a big bowl. There were clams in the bowl. The staff refused to serve us...tap water (we also had all had other soft drinks) and were very rude and unwelcoming. The food was adequate but incredibly overpriced. Would not recommend. And they charged us for the olive oil that came with the bread

Dr. Noah Lynch IV
Dr. Noah Lynch IV

This place is a complete rip off! Extremely rude service, terrible food, way overpriced for the poor quality. Walk up yards to the nice kiosk with picnic tables wher the couple running it are pleasant, good value, cold beer and same view

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  • Peixe
  • Massa
  • Frutos Do Mar
  • Sopa
  • Europeu
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  • Cerveja*
  • Mediterrâneo
  • Sushi
  • Japonês
  • Português
  • Vinho


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